Jackie Petrik

As I started to think what to write about my thoughts are with my neighbor who experienced a heart attack on Sunday as he was shoveling snow. I saw him out there and the next thing I knew we heard he had been rushed to the hospital and was having surgery after experiencing a heart attack.

Made me stop and think how quickly your life can change! But also it me think how I can change my life! Heart disease is preventable and I am the only one who can decide to make life style changes to ensure that I will be around a long time (especially for my future grandchildren!).

On Sunday I hit a milestone birthday! No big deal it is just a number! The numbers that are MORE important in my life are my glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and minutes of daily exercise. And the best part of these numbers once I get to a good one I can stay there for the rest of my life!! These are definitely the numbers that are my priority now!

With the support of my husband (aka my Chef of 40 years), my children, my family, friends, nine fabulous women and the Better U Challenge I am on the road to a healthier me!! And for that I am grateful!!

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One Response to Numbers

  1. Happy Birthday Jackie, from a fellow Feb. birthday girl!!! 🙂

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