Week 12!

When I look at this photo I posted for Week 1, I realize how much has transpired in the past 12 weeks!

Based on my health check yesterday and the profound changes I have made in my daily routine, I have made great progress!

I automatically include vegetables and fruit in every meal and I have not skipped a meal for weeks. I also integrate at least 30 min of some type of exercise or movement into my daily schedule, often more. I lost a few pounds that had congregated around my mid-section. With all of this in place, managing unexpected stress is now key to reducing my risk of heart disease, and I have learned many tools which I practice every day. As I always say to my students, “life happens.”

One thing that has really helped me recently is cultivating my sense of humor. I  laughed so hard my eyes teared when I read this: “I learned about stress management from my kids. Every night after work, I drink some chocolate milk, eat sugary cereal straight from the box, then run around the house in my underwear like a monkey” (p. 238). {From Mastering Stress 101 – A Lifestyle Approach by Barlow, Rapee & Reisner}

On a more serious note, I also appreciate the wisdom from Dick Gregory in his autobiography: “If you walk through life showing the aggravation you’ve gone through, people will feel sorry for you, and they’ll never respect you. She {his Momma} taught us that {a wo}man has two ways out in life—laughing or crying. There’s more hope in laughing” (25).

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as one of the spokeswomen for Go Red! this year with Provena and the American Heart Association. I hope to keep in contact with the great people I have met throughout this adventure.

I just purchased a Mother’s day gift online, and I look forward to attending the fabulous luncheon next Friday with one of the most important people in my life – my Mum :-).

Just in case – here is the link for further information. I hope to see everyone there!

I wish everyone many wonderful heart-healthy moments and just remember –

“This ain’t no place for the weary kind;
this ain’t no place to lose your mind.
This ain’t no place to fall behind –
pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try!”
– Lyrics sung by Bad Blake {Jeff Bridges} in Crazy Heart.

~Nina 😉

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One Response to Week 12!

  1. Carole Schwager says:

    Congratulations to you, Nina, on your accomplishments. (I participated in the 2011 Go Red Challenge with Provena and the AHA, and like you, it changed my life.) I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs, and look forward to meeting you at the Go Red luncheon on Friday!

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