It’s official week 9 and week 10 have morphed together!!!

I don’t know how it happened.   First, I am working on week #9’s lesson on the BetterU site and “BAM”!  The next thing I know it’s the middle of week #10!!?!? 

I admit it’s been a rough couple of weeks with… trying to maintain my focus on kids, healthy eating, excercise, school lesson & paperwork, home tasks and much, much more!  I know that I have been hard on myself and giving myself a lovely guilt trip about my eating habits…YES, I do know that doesn’t help!  I know I need to look at the positive … I did keep up with…EXERCISE.  Ahh, yes, my sweet relief!  I love it!  It’s an ideal mental break for my brain and it enables me to change gears to regain my focus.  I really crave this time!

…now I need to figure out how to do that consistently with my eating habits.  ( I will get there!) 

Fortunately, for me, I have the drive to bounce back and keeping chugging along…

This week, I have learned when things get very, very hectic…it is essential for me to stop and take a few minutes and plan a well balanced meal.

Happy days!  Mary Beth 🙂

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