Friday Night, Date Night

So what does one do on a Friday night? Go out to dinner, drink wine, and relax? No, not a Better U Challenge participant! I chose to go meet with my personal trainer after work on a Friday night! Not sure what I was thinking! Let me tell you about Kelly. You see on the outside Kelly appears to be a sweet, kind, gentle, beautiful, young women, who is a personal trainer, and RN! In reality she is a no nonsense, dedicated, (aka Personal Butt Kicker). She kept me hopping for a full hour (and trust me on Friday night after working, meetings all week, and a couple of late nights) I was about to throw in the towel. But Kelly guided me, coached me, and inspired me to give it my best! After the hour was over I was exhausted, but knowing I had pushed past all the excuses to workout (trust me I have a million reasons not to train) I felt great! You see Kelly, my personal trainer, and I go way back in time. I actually taught her a couple of things back in the day! You see Kelly was a Girl Scout and I was her leader. Now, Kelly is teaching me a few things and leading me to become healthier person! (I wonder if I am too old to earn a fitness badge?) Thank you Kelly from Kelly.Belly fitness for your encouragement and support. I could not have done without you! Looking forward to our next session! (Really I am!)

Jackie Petrik

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