Week #8…

Chug, chug, chug…chugging along!

All aboard…

During this week, our Go Red team had a group meeting.  It was sooo good to see everyone again!  All of us shared  a little bit about our experiences so far as well the goals that we have set for ourselves.   It was very interesting to listen to each person and hear their perspective on this Go Red challenge.  At times, it was very comforting to hear that many of us had similar struggles/challenges.  Everyone shared our thoughts with each other to help problem solve or just gain a new perspective on “things”.  I loved it!

As I  was walking home that night, I began to get re-energized  and certainly re-focused!  What an amazing group of women!  I can’t wait to learn more from them!

These ladies rock!

Happy days!  Mary Beth 🙂

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One Response to Week #8…

  1. Dr. Duly says:

    Nicely stated – I share your sentiments!

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