In the midst of Week 8

Dr. Duly and Co

The information we received for this week focused on blood pressure and stress management. I have actually had to “pump up” my fluid intake because my blood pressure has been low.  I continue to purchase more organic fruit and veg, experimenting with new combinations. My family seems to really like the “broccoli slaw” – packed with antioxidants and I have started mixing in nuts, dried fruit and different types of beans into salads as well.

I have had my ups and downs in terms of stress management and continue to work on this goal. Besides practicing a few breathing & relaxation exercises each day, walking and meditating a few times, I have also experimented with some unconventional and unique stress-management strategies. For example, I discovered that for me, watching Tron Legacy is a terrific technique for relaxing and releasing stress! 😉 I highly recommend this movie, especially if you are often “plugged in” to the digital world and live/work in a fast-paced environment. If you start feeling overwhelmed by specific pressures or stressors – caught up in a “rat race” – just remember Kevin Flynn’s {Jeff Bridges} wise words that at times, “The only way to win is not to play!


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