Creature of HABIT!

Well, here we are week #7!  Where has the time gone???

Last week was spring break…we didn’t have any grandiose plans, but it was definitely a challenge!

I was able to sleep in. Yeah!

However, when I wasn’t in my regular routine…I found my eating, sleeping, and exercising was totally off!  I caught up on home stuff, took kids to dentist, ortho, hair cuts,etc. and just tried to do everything that I can’t possibly catch up on during a regular work week. BUT I found myself being distracted with the extra time.

What??? Yes, it’s true!  I seriously thought that I was going to exercise more and try some new recipes, blah, blah….not a chance! Lesson learned!

Overall, I feel that my eating habits were ok…went out to eat several times and I did exercise… I have really thought about my new routines, my consistency and why routines/consistency are so crucial for me!  I am a creature of habit!!! Hmmmm…..

New running shoes – My kids and I did lace up our new running shoes and attempted running.  Unfortunately, my bad foot( foot surgery 2003) was not exactly cooperative. More stretches, better shoes,???  I will be looking into this matter.   Well, happy days!  Take care, Mary Beth 🙂

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