Week 5 Already?!

Yes I agree, it is hard to believe it is Week 5 already. I am still waiting to regain a bit more of my UMPF – which I referred to last week. In the meantime another member of my family is sick . . . .

I found this inspirational video this morning addressing stress — a key topic when it comes to heart health. Click here and take a look if you have a spare minute or two. 😉

The good news this week for me is that I continue to experiment, adding new fruit and veggies to our diet. I continue to coach myself and others repeating at meals and snack times: “let’s make good choices here to LIVE LONGER!” My family loves the fruit smoothies I make and they have also enjoyed the different soups I recently concocted. They insisted we bake green cookies last Sat — we used whole wheat flour and substituted a healthy fat for the butter plus reduced the sugar. They taste great – and are much more nutritious.

I have been thinking about one article I read in the Chicago Tribune in February entitled, “Start small to build habits that stick.” Starting small is not always so glamorous – it can even seem tedious at times when one does not see big results immediately. However, it served as a reminder to me — to keep plugging away. Ellen Warren, the author, recommends: “Sometimes the idea of 30 minutes a day of exercise is so daunting to people. Break it up. There’s evidence if you do three 10-minute stints it’s just as good” (Chicago Tribune, 2-12-2012, Section 6, p. 24).

With that I will sign off and venture out into this sunny day for 10 minutes!

Nina {9′ ah}

Dr. Duly and Co


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