Week #5…

Whoa, it is hard to believe that we are entering week #5 of this challenge!  It doesn’t quite seem like it…

I feel very comfortable with my consistent eating and exercise habits.  I wonder why???

I have definitely been challenged by the planning of my meals and exercise routine.  I have had to really think about how I am going to focus and figure out how to succeed with eating right and fitting in “me-exercise” time.  I think in the past I have gone through the motions, but I had not been truly focused or conscious of my plan.  I think I thought “I have done this before and I can do it again, blah, blah”…

Right now, I definitely feel more in charge/control.  I also know that I am an emotional eater and this week was definitely a rude awakening! Between work and home life, I was emotionally drained.  I felt my mind wandering and going to that place that just wants all that COMFORT FOOD!

Fortunately, I am learning… and I have planned  ahead … I carry healthy snacks with me.  My worse time is right after school between the 3-4 o’clock  hour. I was amazed how fast that I could gobble down almonds and an apple.  If I didn’t have those items with me, then who knows what I would have eaten.  I know that those comfort foods are wonderful, but just for that split second and then that subsides and the guilt sets in.  It was very strange when I caught myself in the midst of that guilty sensation… and then it dawned on me that “Duh, you just ate almonds and an apple!”  Not a problem! Then I smiled to myself! 🙂   Chalk one up for myself!  Yeah!

Have a good one!  Mary Beth 🙂



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