In the Midst of Week 4

When I lived in Europe, we used to chuckle about what the Germans referred to as “Fruehjahrsmuedigkeit” – basically the opposite of “spring fever” – spring fatigue.

Just as the weather was perking up, the sun shining and people would be gathering in the street cafes sipping their cappuccinos and eating cake, one could hear mutterings of, “Ach ich bin echt muede.” {My, I am really tired!} The caffeine and sugar could only do so much!

As I grow older, I am wondering if there really might be some truth to this. I am happy to read in the papers that it is warming up and according to the forecast, we will have some clear and sunny days. In fact, it might even get up to 75 degrees F today. I want to get out and enjoy the heat! Yet, I find it a bit uncanny that I feel sooooo tired. We had an informative session Monday night on the significance of exercise — and I was so motivated that evening walking home to get out and walk every single day . . . and then I missed my walking yesterday – though I did walk about 30 min around the pharmacy/grocery store waiting to pick up a prescription. As I walked around, it dawned on me that I could pick up more veggies and salad ingredients and very conscientiously, I began mentally preparing a few heart-healthy family meals —  a healthy stir-fry veggie dish and tortilla wraps with soup and salad.

Perhaps I will write an email to one of my friends and ask her just how long this spring fatigue lasts? I certainly could use a little more umpf back. 3 cups of green tea just seems to induce sleep today – quite strange. I may just settle for an alternative lunch break: some reading and Pilates on a mat followed by a short nap 😉

Dr. Duly and Co

– Nina  [9′-ah]

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