Week 3 – Onward!

Dr. Duly and Co


My motto this week has been “remember, just one step at a time.” 🙂 As I continue to mend and am able to eat more, I have been experimenting with my/our diet a bit these past 6 days or so. I made up a few great veggie and fruit recipes that my family and I have really enjoyed! To make green beans a bit more attractive, I added a few peanuts and a few spoonfuls of Teriyaki sauce. To add a variety of fruit to our diet, I blended a combination of frozen fruit with low fat vanilla yogurt, no-fat whipped topping, apple juice and a few tablespoons of low fat ice cream and milk. For healthy carbs, I finally made it back to one of my favorite bakeries and picked up some great whole-grain breads. Fresh bread and a big salad with multiple veggies, bacon and a little cheese made a great dinner the other night. Homemade soup with hot biscuits was not bad either. Marinated low-fat meat simmering in the crock pot all day with mashed potatoes and salad was a hit as well.

The weather here has presented a challenge in terms of exercise — just as I was enjoying a few warmer days and even sunshine, snow belted down again last Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, my family did make it to the Y for a little walking. The sun was shining again yesterday and thankfully, I was able to get out and take a short stroll.

One emphasis this week is tracking one’s progress and I am testing out whether the high-tech or old-fashioned-write-it-down-with-pen-and-paper method will work best for me. I am curious about others’ experiences and look forward to reading tracking success stories 😉 .

– Nina {9-ah}    

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2 Responses to Week 3 – Onward!

  1. Hello…isn’t food great!
    I am tracking my food and exercise with a little chart that I made. It focuses on fruit/veggies, whole grains, fish, seeds,nuts, legumes, and my exercise program.It’s just a quick guide to keep me focused! ( I will email it to you!) I also have an app on my phone by Spark People Diet and Calorie counter. It’s great for calorie count, carbs, protein and fat as well as exercise. MB

  2. Thanks! I can keep track of milestones but tracking every thing I place into my mouth is not happening yet 😉

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