Don’t try this stunt at home girls!

Did you know that Comcast xfinity has 163 work out videos available on demand? I gave been walking for 30 to 40 minutes every day and was looking for some weight training.  I started with “Go slow, get strong” using 2lb weights. I modified some of the reps since I am a beginner.   Check out their selection if you have Comcast


Yesterday I tried my brother in laws tread mill so I could watch TV during my workout  I was at a mod speed on a good incline and 20 minutes in when before I knew it I had done the splits on the treadmill and a quick tuck and roll to get myself off.  I had to crawl up the stirabandoned up in the ER where the Doc confirmed a bad strain and hopefully


This week I found a good deal at Woodmans on Randall road. YoplaiGreek yogurt 4 pack $2.29. Buy 2 get a dollar off. Comes to 57 cents a 110 calorie portion

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One Response to Don’t try this stunt at home girls!

  1. You might try the “lower-key” Comcast workout video for posture — the stretching might be helpful! Hope you are healing fast!

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