Cruise to a better U!

I just returned from vacation,  a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas.   I had planned it prior to the challenge and was nervous about staying on target.   Of course cruising is all about the food but it doesn’t have to be!  I was amazed at the heart healthy fare that was offered  if you stay away from the buffets and eat in the dining room they offer heart healthy meals on the menu.  I had fish and seafood each night sushi or salad appetizers and even desserts were lo cal and lo sugar and delicious.  Water and iced tea are available all day.  I did enjoy some wine with dinner and noshed on fruits for snacks.  I did indulge in a few of the sweets but did better than I thought I would.  Lots of group dancing for a fun aerobic workout and long walks on the beach in the sand kept me from sitting around doing nothing!

Took a 45 minute power walk with my daughter through the mall last night.  I will be glad when daylight savings time comes and it stays lighter longer to enjoy our mild weather walks in the evening.

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One Response to Cruise to a better U!

  1. You are to be totally commended for your sticktoitness while on a cruise. I went last October, and the food, the food, the food. Although I must agree, there were many healthy foods for you to choose just had to CHOOSE!

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