Feb 29th – 2nd week of Going Red!

I was hoping to write all about my progress in the first week . . . the salads I have packed for my lunches, the numerous times I climbed the 7 flights up to my office, etc., however, my focus has been on recuperating from secondary infections/inflammation I am experiencing. I returned to work after I thought I was over the flu and two days later began to have intense headaches and excruciating, shooting pain in the left side of my head around my ear. Nausea, insomnia, chills and intense pain have been filling my days; I was sent to the ER over the weekend.

Nevertheless, quite ill, I still have had my “heart-healthy” moments. Yesterday my sick child on the mend was still not hungry and “just didn’t feel like eating.” I started playing the game many mothers know well, “If I made you this honey, would you be able to eat just a bit? . . . ” She finally responded to “Tempura Chicken” I could throw in the oven and bake for her. I added, “well, we will just have to add at least one nice colorful veggie to the menu, honey, to go along with that chicken.”

I threw a stir-fry into the skillet the night before for my family when I struggled downstairs into the kitchen to take my pain killer – and was even able to eat a few bites myself once the pain subsided. Since the pain woke me up at 4:30 am today, I baked pumpkin muffins for my family for breakfast – nothing like adding some different fruit-veg to breakfast, right? (I just double-checked and pumpkin is technically a fruit, but in culinary terms, is often referred to as a vegetable. ) My husband just called and told me if I am not dizzy or too nauseous, I might try to walk to my doc appointment this morning since it is quite mild outside; he knows how much I love to walk outdoors and it is only about 1 mile away, a tiny segment of my summer walking route. So thus far, I have had a healthy breakfast, and I plan to get a little exercise as well.

All of this just shouts out at me again: if you do not have your health, you have nothing!

How easy this is to forget in the hustle-bustle of daily life.

This is the reason I signed up for GO RED! I knew I needed to take more time again to reassess my choices. I knew I needed to improve my diet and stress-management skills, and to find more time to move and exercise.

Every day every one of us makes SO MANY choices – and we are often not aware of them – concerning what we eat, how we deal with stressors, how we schedule our days. . .  – “Will I stuff this in my mouth right now and is this really good for my body? Will I allow myself to become so stressed over this? – or – will I take measures to ease the tension and take care of my well-being? Will I take on too much — allow myself to be put under pressure? – or – will I make other choices to combat this situation?” etc.

I am not sure what all has contributed to where I am right now here today;  however, I sure know one thing: I want to do all I can to feel better and restore my health, sense of humor and sense of well-being. Only then can I be the active and vibrant Mom and wife and professional person, capable of making a difference in both my personal and professional life.

Next week, next year and next Feb 29th in four years from now, I want to remember well how I slowly, step-by-step, with great resolve – anxious yet hopeful – began anexciting journey to a healthier self!

I hope that I may inspire others to do the same!

Nina   Dr. Duly 😉

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