Typical Me….

Well in typical Tracy fashion, I got started on this a little late.  It was a busy week with church, then it snowed, my internet was down…. the excuses go on and on…. I have been making excuses for not taking better care of myself a long time now.  No more, the time to change this is now.  No more putting off until tomorrow, or I might not get a tomorrow.   I finished the first 2 weeks of the challenge and now it’s up to ME to use this knowledge.  Yes I am single Mom, yes I work full time, I know this and need to plan accordingly.  Week 1 lesson taught me that 1 of  3 women will DIE from heart disease…. 1 in 3.  I have 5 sisters!!!  That means 2 of use will die from heart disease.  That is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!   In the 2nd lesson, I learned a few tricks to reduce my risk.   Simply adding 10 minute walks to my day, I can do that.  Eat more fruits and vegetables, I can do that.   I just have to quit using excuses and plan my meals ahead of time and as Nike says… JUST DO IT.

Join me, this is EASY…. we just need to take the time for ourselves that we deserve and take better care of ourselves.  Our hearts will thank us with a longer life!!!!



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