It’s the weekend!!!

Ahh…yes, the little things in life, like the weekend! Yahoo!

Well, we kicked off this week for our GO RED challenge!  I hope all my fellow participants feel good about their progress so far. (and celebrate it’s the weekend!) 

This week, I definitely focused on adding some cardio (walking, treadmill, elliptical) exercise and adding healthy foods to my meals.  My body has cooperated especially when it came time to trudge through the slush and snow. (oh, ya and shoveling for 45 minutes!)  Overall, I feel pretty good, but I know the challenge for me will be maintaining these additions especially when my days and weeks get packed with my children’s schedules, doctor’s appointments, meetings as well as my school work. 

How do we accomplish all those things in a day and find moments to get ourselves healthy? Where does the time go???  Can we squeeze in one more thing into our day?

Yes! We can, You can, I can!  I am committed to this challenge and I will find the time to get my cardio and my healthy meals planned. ( By the way, if you have any input/pointers for achieving this, then please let me know ASAP!)  Happy Days!  Mary Beth 🙂

P.S. – Don’t forget the Sadie Hawkins Day “Get Heart Healthy” discussion on 2/29 6-7:30pm at Provena Saint Joseph Hospital. Call to register 847-931-1800.


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One Response to It’s the weekend!!!

  1. Carole Schwager says:

    Good for you! Yes, as women we must carve out “ME” time. Best wishes on your Better U journey!

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