I know I look tired and worn out……..

I just saw the photos I gasped when I saw how bad I looked!  I don’t see myself looking like that at all!  And I am 54…..not 60 yet!   Well  a picture tells a thousand tales.  Lets hope the after picture tells the best tale!     I have had a great  “Getting started on a BetterU”  week 1.. Its amazing how much you can eat that is not packed with calories.   I am learning to like greek yogurt better than regular. I have shin splints from walking!    The past several days I have been taking in as much information as possible about the program and my health screening was a real wake up call!   I have been bringing in sliced oranges and bags of bananas for my team  at work instead of the baked goods.  Someone brought in Punchkys (SP) for Fat Tuesday and I ran in just so I could look at them!  LOL.   People see my red pin and ask about it, it gives me a chance to share the word about GO RED FOR WOMEN   and the word is spreading!

Have a good week my “sisters of the heart”!!!!

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2 Responses to I know I look tired and worn out……..

  1. Carole Schwager says:

    I’m confident that your “after” pic will show a BETTER U! Enjoy your fabulous journey.

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