What did I get myself into now….

How did I get picked to be one of 7 women that have been given the privilege to be part of this amazing challenge to learn to take better care of myself and my heart?   When I sent in my application, I thought…. “oh why not, it’s not like they will pick you…”  but now here I am.  I didn’t think they had a reason to pick me.  I’m pretty healthy…. right?  I’m kind of active, I eat ok (had to put the cookie down to type this)… what could I possibly need to improve?  Ok so my family has pretty significant heart disease ( including high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes)  that doesn’t matter…. right?   Ok so maybe I need to lose a few pounds, ok my cholesterol isn’t great…. so what?!?  But wait a minute, I have two kids…. they recently lost their dad, I’m the only parent they have left, they need me.  I’ve gotta be there when my daughter graduates high school, when my son graduates college, when they get married, when they have kids…..  ok so maybe this is EXACTLY what I need!     Maybe you need to do this too!  Come on, join us, when a group of women decide to do something…. LOOK OUT! 


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2 Responses to What did I get myself into now….

  1. Carole Schwager says:

    Tracy, Congrats on your commitment, and selection as a Go Red Better U participant ~ good (no, GREAT) for you! I participated in the 2011 AHA/Provena program and found the info and support provided, wonderful! Here’s to a better you! Carole

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