Mary Beth’s “I THINK I CAN” plan…

WOW, this is really happening!!!  It’s not a dream, this is REALITY!!!

I saw the GO RED for Women Challenge advertisement in the paper. ( Yes, I am one of those people who still look at newspapers & not just to cover the art table in my Prek class!)

I followed procedure…I looked up the info on-line and applied.  I thought “Cool, this is just what I need!”

(Kind of apprehensive, but in a good way!)

WHOA!  I made it!!!!!

My initial reaction was just “tears”… tears of JOY, tears of FEAR, tears of the INEVITABLE!  (I always knew that I needed to do something drastic to get myself to take care of myself. Sad, but true.)

My biggest fear was facing the “NUMBERS”!!!  Not the ones that I hoped that one day I would have (or thought that I get on my own), but the real, the true, the hardcore, the actual numbers for my heart health.  It wasn’t good…overweight, high cholesterol, not so good blood pressure, etc.,etc.,etc.

This is so NOT good. (But I really wasn’t surprised by any of this current information.) 

I knew in my heart that I needed this GO RED challenge.

I knew that I really, SERIOUSLY  had to take care of myself.

I knew that I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone and put myself out there.                                                                                                                       

I knew I needed some help!  (Wow, that was difficult to say!)

So, here I am! Starting over (again), but I am ok with that!

I am starting my “I think I can” plan!

TTFN – (that’s Winnie the Pooh speak for “TaTa For Now”, even he knew txting is the way to go!)    Happy days!  Mary Beth

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5 Responses to Mary Beth’s “I THINK I CAN” plan…

  1. Carole Schwager says:

    Mary Beth, Good for you ~ congrats! Like you, I also read the newspaper; at the end of 2010, I saw the article, applied for the 2011 program, and was selected. Yeah, I felt so blessed, and a bit apprehensive! You will love the support provided, and will be a source of guidance and support for others. Best wishes, Carole

  2. Kelly Lopez says:

    To my BFF! Love you and am very proud of you! Keep up the good work!

  3. Laura Weber says:

    You always did look sexy in red;) So proud of you and can’t wait to learn new things! I am behind you 100% and I have to say I am inspired!!

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