125 Step Challenge

Wow…hard to believe how fast 12 weeks really is, did I complete all my goals?  Did I learn everything I possibly could?  Did I lower my LDL?  Did I blog enough? No to the last question, but everything else is my journey and will never be complete.  I will continue to live MY best life, it’s much more fun that way!

These twelve weeks weeks have shown me how strong I can be.  Life is full of choices and challenges.  I choose how to exercise and I choose what my next challenges will be.

A girl at work asked if I wanted to walk the steps at Swallow Cliff, for exercise.  For those of you who don’t know, Swallow Cliff, used to be a huge wooden toboggan slide (with 6 0r 8 runs) in the Palos Park area, until the insurance probably got too high and the toboggan runs were closed.  I used to run the steps all the time when I was a kid up to the top throw the toboggan on the run-get my brothers and sister on, push off and weeeeeee!!!  Eight seconds of fun, only to grab that toboggan and do it all over again, until frostbite set in.

It sounded like a good challenge-you see-there are 125 steps to the top, each one a different size-and once you get to the top, you have to come down.  I did it twice (up/down/up/down) on Monday and three times last Tuesday. (and back today for three more trips!)   It only takes 15 minutes to walk it three times, and I was quickly sweating and breathing hard…it feels GREAT!!!!  WHAT A CHALLENGE!

Thank you BetterU for giving me the opportunity to share and to learn.

Peace out-Barb P

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