And so the butterflies are set free!

As we sat in church this past Sunday for the closing ceremonies for our high school seniors in our youth group, we were treated to a butterfly launch. Some of the most beautiful creatures were gently tucked inside envelopes for us to open at the exact moment and set free. This was to symbolize us setting free our kids to fly on their own. Because I have ADHD, my mind started to wander (I know, some parent I am!) and I thought about our 9 Go Red Ladies. We were but mere pupa in the cocoons over the last 12 weeks and on Friday we will officially become beautiful butterflies! I am so looking forward to donning a dress I have not fit in for several years, slapping on some make up and I might even paint my nails before heading to the Q Center in St. Charles. Bring your smile’s ladies because I am packing a camera to get all your glowing faces on film!

Thank you American Heart Association, Provena Mercy and St. Joseph’s and most importantly, thanks to my 8 other butterflies. I wouldn’t have been this successful without the camaraderie, the laughter and the support. You are like my 18 hour bra; you kept me up where I belong and if I started drooping, you supported me no matter what. This has been a marvelous journey and I am very excited because I am planning our reunion tour already! (Hey, if the bands from the 80’s can do it, so can we!)

Love you all!

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2 Responses to And so the butterflies are set free!

  1. Kristi Hallgarth says:

    Keep up the hard work Karen!!

  2. Carole Schwager says:

    Karen, thanks for more great analogies ~ I am really going to miss those delightful blog posts from your sharp mind. You have certainly spread beautiful wings ~ congrats on your success. It’s been great getting to know you and our fellow participants ~ a reunion tour ~ DEFINITELY! See you Friday, Carole

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