Way to Finish

I just completed my END exam and I am happy to report ALL GREAT RESULTS! I want to thank each and everyone involved in BETTER YOU for all the support and shared knowledge and plain ol’ accountability!  I lost 17 pounds since the January visit and EVEN BETTER: 4 inches at the waist!  I do have an awfully large surplus of pants now too large for me….took several bags up to Minnesota last weekend for my little mother!  She still needs my old size to fit around what she calls her “bread basket”!  But at 95, we let her have bread anytime she wants it!

I think this was long enough to really make lifestyle changes that will stick….it is just automatic for me to ask for water over soda, etc., and smaller portions are truly satisfying without getting to that STUFFED FEELING.  I didn’t know how great it would make all my joints feel to lose the weight…especially my knees!  My extra incentive on this program was to continue losing weight for my daughter’s wedding Memorial Day, and since my HIGH of last year, I am down over 45 pounds!

I have told many folks my biggest incentive to stay healthy is the scary cost of health care.  I just can’t afford to be sick….so PREVENTATIVE ACTIONS are the ticket!  Thanks for all the educational sessions, the fun treat bags, and especially the comaraderie that has made this journey so fun! I can’t wait to party next week at the GO RED event! Cheers to all!


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3 Responses to Way to Finish

  1. Congrats, Sandy! WOW ~ 4 waist inches and since last year, 45 pounds! You are such a LOSER ~ I leave this sentiment as the most positive of compliments ~ way to go!! You are an inspiration to be admired. I know you’ll keep up your momentum. A svelte, gorgeous mother of the bride, you are. Looking forward to seeing you on the 20th! Carole

  2. Jodi says:

    Just to add, Sandy – you look wonderful! Congrats on all of the hard work. Can’t wait to see you on Friday! Jodi

  3. What an accomplishment! Congrats you beautiful lady! I hope you don’t outshine the bride! See you Friday, Karen

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