Gardening Galore

Ohhhh, my back is aching ~ actually when I first rolled out of bed this a.m., most of my bod was screaming!  Late afternoon yesterday, I planted 72 tulips and 18 daffodils in my backyard.  I was at the garden shop and they had a delightful deal (aka super inexpensive) to move these out, so I couldn’t pass them up!  Yes, but then they must be planted ~ well, that will keep this body moving and burn a few calories!

I had 30 more tulips to plant, when two of my three teenagers (the hungry guys, who inhale most everything ), came out to say, (make that YELL), “Mom, what’s for dinner?!” My husband, our chef, was out of town.  I didn’t have on a watch ~ it was 6:00 already.  I informed that they were now on tulip duty and digging holes, if they wanted food in the near future!  Yeah, for the calvary ~ without their help, I don’t think I would’ve finished last night, because I was getting a bit weary.  And, it’s always more fun to have company. Before their arrival, Tawnie (canine pal) was hanging nearby.  She was quite fascinated by the worms being unearthed.

We finish and I’m too wiped out to cook, so advise the lads to order pizza for delivery. Well, I guess that bit of gardening made them extra hungry  ~~  two pizzas, wings, cinnamon stix, and an order of fries ~ I didn’t even know you could get fries at a pizza joint!  These teenagers haven’t joined me totally with the healthy eating gig! Fortunately, there was salad in the house, too.

This morning, it was delightful to see the new tulips and daffodils, waving in the breeze.There are a couple areas that would look fab with a few more blooms ~ hmmm . . . I just may have to stop by the garden shop after work today, to see if any remain!

If you have a chance ~ get out and garden,


P.S.  I can’t believe I’m saying this after all the April showers, but now we need some rain, or else I have to do some mega watering!!

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