Key West and Karen

Can you have fun on vacation, stick to a healthy eating plan and get your exercise in? If you came with me to Key West you can! I was a little concerned about sticking to my plan while basking in the Florida sun, but the couple I was traveling with made it as easy as sugar free pie! We cooked our own dinners for several of the meals and the choice of fresh fish when we went out was wonderful. I did have to check out the Key Lime pie a few times, but with all the walking I was doing, it wiped out those calories!

Exercising in Key West is not an option, but really an adventure. I put in between an hour and a half and 2 hours time each day checking out every nook and cranny of this lush island. My walk on Sunday morning was really fun and after I got home I wished I would have had a camera to take pictures of several people doing their walk of shame from the previous night’s antics.

Here are a few things learned from the adventure in Key West:

-Anyone, no matter what size, can wear a bikini on this island. (I wore a tri-kini. It came with a top, a bottom and a blindfold for anyone wanting to see me in it!)

-Roosters, chickens and cats are protected there and momma chickens REALLY don’t like you trying to pick up their babies!

– If you drink your calories instead of eating them, you will spend the following morning gagging at the smell of greasy bacon and eggs.

-Key Lime pie on a stick tastes exactly like Key Lime pie on a plate.

-Grilled grouper, sweet potato salad and mango cole slaw are FABULOUS!

Remember growing up when people told you to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine? Well, I found that place in Key West and was able to smuggle some Florida sun past the TSA’s at the airport to bring home for Mother’s Day. Cheers to a happy and healthy week!

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2 Responses to Key West and Karen

  1. I just discovered Key West myself about a year ago when my life long best friends moved there! Now it’s my new favorite place! I had to read about four Hemingway books when I got back…..thank goodness for our wonderful libraries! The fresh fish is a wonderful part of the lifestyle there…..glad you had such a great time! Sandy

  2. I also love Key West. Glad you had a wonderful time, Karen. Witty reflections from you, as always! Key lime pie is my fave dessert, although I’ve never had it on a stick! Mango ~ yum ~ I rediscovered it in Cancun in March, and now enjoy on a regular basis. See you on the 20th!

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