Advocacy and Anniversaries

Last week, I had the perfect opportunity to advocate for the American Heart Association Go Red BetterU movement.  There’s a group of women from our church (The Girls’ Club) who get together once a month for socialization and support.  In April, our topic was Healthy Lifestyle Changes.  We each brought a healthy snack or dessert and the recipe to share.  I took Black Bean Salsa (a recipe from Provena St. Joseph) and it was a huge hit.  Although I adore tortilla chips, I’ve switched to celery as my “dip scooper”.  It’s ideal ~ the dip falls right into the celery hollow.  And, think of the caloric and sodium savings ~ once I start snacking on tortilla chips, I find it’s quite easy to overindulge ~ I don’t seem to have that problem with celery!

I made copies of several other recipes we’ve received during our BetterU program to share with everyone.  I provided The GoRed for Women BetterU program info and some handouts from the AHA.  One attendee said, “I will for sure check out this website.  Heart disease runs in my family; all my grandparents except for one, all my aunts and uncles, my parents, and some of my brothers.  This is one of the reasons I am really changing my lifestyle.”

I am proud to be a part of the AHA’s movement that celebrates the energy, passion, and power of women banding together to wipe out heart disease.  This week, please “Take 5 to Tell 5” about how heart disease affects women.

I’m sure you caught some coverage of the Royal Wedding on April 29, ~ if you clicked on the tv, how could you not?!  That was my 22nd wedding anniversary as well.  With these lifestyle changes, I hope to celebrate anniversaries with my beloved Steve along with William and Kate (make that Catherine) for many, many, many years to come!  Last time I stepped on the scales, my weight was down 15 pounds, from when I “officially” began this journey!


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