Keeping me in the Game

I am really glad I have this challenge to lose weight for a FULL FOUR MONTHS because I am sure had I just targeted an arbitrary number I would be OFF THE WAGON by now.  I am pleased with the fact I am down two whole pant sizes and there is certainly enough “excess” to keep going another two sizes, but the best part is having fun making the HEALTHY meals a part of life from now on.  The ‘program’ also has me motivated to continue to add new activities to my routine and I like movement now over sitting.  I have a new energy level that shows me age doesn’t have to me slowing down.  The more weight I lose, the better my knees and other joints feel so I am planning on taking up tennis again this summer.  Thanks for listening and being part of this wonderful journey!


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2 Responses to Keeping me in the Game

  1. Awesome job Skinny Minnie! Looking forward to seeing you on the 20th!

  2. Fantastic, Sandy ~ great job “keeping in the game”! So looking forward to seeing you in the 2oth.


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