Checking In!

You wonder what I have been doing since my last blog? Me too!! Life has been very busy both personally and professionally. Still trying to fit everything into 24/7! Between greater work responsibilities (coordinating special events golf outing, bowling event, luncheons) and a destination wedding and shower to plan for my daughter’s upcoming wedding in July, house to clean, laundry to do, shopping to get done, exercising, I don’t even think about eating healthy. That’s right I don’t have to think about it anymore I just DO IT!! It has become ingrained in my mind and routine! Funny thing how you can form new habits! Today at work someone from another office was visiting corporate office for a meeting. He asked one of the girls if I was new! Wow that was a great compliment! Now in the 10th week of our journey I can honestly say I have made  lifestyle changes that I can live with! Life is good!!


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3 Responses to Checking In!

  1. sandy krug says:

    Way to go, Jackie! You do look great…and such a pretty outfit last time I saw you. Along with feeling great with weight off, it makes it more fun to put on nice things and take more interest in ‘preparing for the world’! Keep up the wonderful lifestyle!

  2. You are looking great, Jackie ~ a new you for your daughter’s wedding in July! Congratulations! See you in a few weeks, Carole

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