Who is your cheerleader?

For the most part, I am a very positive person and tend to be other peoples source of motivation. However during this journey I found the need that I need to have my own set of cheerleaders. Friends on Facebook reinforce that life isn’t as bad as I am making it, my co-workers join in the pep talk and so do my fitness class ladies.

 This past week was brutal. My garbage disposal broke, my garage door spring pooped out and my daughters ‘vintage’ Buick Tessie decided not to work. All loaded on to being in full swing with baseball season, coordinating the team’s spirit wear order and still trying to get my exercise in to take care of myself. Are you feeling the tone and do you see where I was? Yes, look across the way and there you will find me perched high atop the pity pot. Please wave so I know you care! Ahh, there you are!

This is just a little reminder that someone you generally turn to that will make you feel good, make you smile or laugh and brighten your day also needs a cheer squad in their corner to fill them up. I am fortunate to have a Cheer Brigade surrounding me. I cannot stress how important this is to keep me on the right path and push me. This is the one element I did not have in my previous attempts at taking the pounds off. It is critical to have more than 5 people that are aware of the following: What are your goals? What are your stressors? What are your reasons to motivate you? I have people placed in all aspects of my life so I am always aware that I have a crutch available if need be. From co-workers to church members to baseball parents to neighbors to classmates. Let some of these people in on your life and your health goals. By filling them in, you just broadened your safety net! They will be there for you if you fall and will help you get back up. I received an e-mail from my fitness instructor this week that summed it up perfectly for me. She said, “Remember, you can’t grow flowers without a little rain!”  Life is not about perfection but getting back up after you have fallen.

Here’s hoping that there is some sunshine coming after your rain this week. If there is, look up and search for the rainbow and think of me. I will be praying that you Ladies stay on the path and maintain your healthy lifestyles. You know I will be cheering for you! Give me an H-E-A-L-T-H-Y!

 Happy Easter!

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One Response to Who is your cheerleader?

  1. sandy krug says:

    Thanks for sharing…you just became our inspiration and cheerleader as a member of the FABULOUS NINE! I too have tried to enroll numerous ‘committees’ to help me stay on track with our Better U being the biggest incentive. I Jazzercise and they have an annual contest for weight loss, so that program coincides nicely running Mar 7th – May 9th. Then I tell anyone who will listen about my ‘deadline’ of May 29th to lose maximum weight for my daughter’s wedding. This journey has had great side bonuses with the get t0gethers like the WONDERFUL SOUP NIGHT this week. That bean soup was so delicious and the idea of healthy vegetarian meals really affected meal planning this week. Just these conversations keep coming up when the old habit of reaching for BAD FOOD CHOICES occur, and as Jackie and others shared, this is becoming more a HABIT with the time period being long enough to impact permanent lifestyle changes. Happy Easter to you and everyone and see you all soon!

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