Beach Reflections

Went to Cancun recently ~ how nice to experience warmth, bask in the sunshine, and feel sand between my toes.  It was an all-inclusive resort, so food and beverages were everywhere ~ all day ~ all night!  Tried to stay on track and eat as healthily as possible, but had to enjoy a couple beverages to celebrate the occasion.  Do you know that Cancun does not have bleu cheese stuffed olives for martinis?  In fact, all the olives have pits, so it’s quite difficult to daintily nibble one as you sip your drink.  And, at the pool or beach, you must use plastic glasses.  Oh well, nothing like a martini ocean side, even if it’s in plastic with olive pits!  Fortunately, the servings were small.

One morning, I awoke early and went for a walk.  It was exhilarating to be on the beach with few people around.  The sun was just coming up and the waves were crashing ~ love that sound!  I set my sights on a landmark far in the distance ~ a crane extending high in the sky ~ probably another resort being built ~ that was my mark.  Well, I kept walking and walking and walking and . . . walking.  The sun was getting higher and more bodies were appearing on the beach.  My mark was still in the distance ~ I guess I have good eyesight to see that far!  Along the way, I volunteered to help make photo memories . . . snapping the shots, so everyone could be in the pics.

I was getting closer to the crane, but it still loomed in the distance.  A couple times I thought about turning around because . . . “what time is it anyway/how long have I been gone?” and “yikes, I’m gonna have to pee soon!” and “wow, it’s really getting  toasty warm out here”.  “No, Carole, keep moving, no slacking off here,” I told myself.  You set a goal, now stick to it!  So, I did.

The walk back to my lodgings seemed to go quicker, than it took to arrive at the crane. Isn’t that always the case?  Walking into the unknown is more of a challenge, than the known.  We can all do it, though.  Set a goal, persevere, and if you veer off track, just steer back on course.  Just like the crane operator, we are building new, strong foundations for our lives.


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2 Responses to Beach Reflections

  1. sandy krug says:

    Awesome, Carole….to keep going and persevere! I am upping the ante this month…need to have a final push for the May 29th wedding and it takes re-committing every day! I am glad you had a great vacation…and martinis help! This weekend is the final preparation in Iowa before we go there for the wedding….plus a shower and bachelorette party that I am leaving in the hands of my other daughter….no need to watch others eat and drink when I absolutely need every remaining day of LOW CAL!
    Keep up the good work…see you Monday at PSJH! Sandy

  2. Good for you Lady! Have a great MOD walk to keep up the momentum!

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