EGGciting Adventure at Work for Karen

What do you get when you take a crazy Better U participant, a challenge to her co-workers and a desire to help others make a lifestyle change? The first annual Provena Health Eggciting Eggcersise Hunt! With the support of my boss and a few coworkers, I decorated the walking trail at work this week with over 200 plastic Easter eggs. We had about 75% of my coworkers show up to release their inner child and dash throughout the trails collecting eggs for prizes. I was very proud of 2 women who generally do not like to exercise. They made it through the whole hunt and had a smile on their faces afterwards. The trail was about a 1.2 mile walk for each of the participants; so between scouring around for the eggs and laughing with one another, they were getting some exercise. Once they came back from the hunt, they could redeem their treasures for a piece of fruit or some other healthy snack. Everyone stuck around and ate lunch together and had fun catching up with one another.

For just under $75, we were able to have some fun, take away some stress and get some exercise. I think that is a small price to pay for a company to keep their employees in a great mood and reflect on a moment at work that was enjoyable. If you look closely at the picture, you will see my partner in crime, Jackie Petrik aka The Incredible Shrinking Woman, raising her hands and having a great time as she collected her eggs.

Challenge of the week: Why not try to incorporate some sort of exercise fun at your work place? Who knows the effect you will have on someone that is in need of a little boost?

Have a great week all!


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3 Responses to EGGciting Adventure at Work for Karen

  1. heather says:

    That’s awesome! What a great idea, Karen!!! – heather

  2. Karen and Jackie,
    Fantastic fun! Jackie sure looks like she’s having a great time. You two rock and roll like good eggs!

  3. sandy krug says:

    How fun was that! Keep up the creative, interesting, energetic work! Wish I still worked in an regular office….my home office is just a tad close to the refridge! See you soon, Sandy

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