Go Red BetterU Online Program and Active “R” Us

Working on Week #9 of the online program (12 weeks) ~ great info presented every week ~ I’ve learned so much from the American Heart Association.  Thank you, AHA.  If you’re not already doing this, please visit http://www.goredforwomen.org/bettteru/index.aspx ~ I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Weighed myself yesterday ~ I’ve lost 11 pounds since  starting this journey!

Our 16 year old trio of children are getting more active.  One son recently joined the fitness center, and wants to go every day!  He’s lifting weights and playing basketball there.  My daughter has been going on long walks.  The other son had been counting down the days until golf course opening in March.  He played that day (brrrrrrr), and gets on the links as often as he can, walking the course.  My husband has always been an avid attender at the fitness center.  And last but not least, Tawnie, has been chasing birds and working that little Norfolk terrier body!

With the warmer weather, yesterday was yard work day.  Tulips are popping up!  Looking forward to planting additional blooms (when the temp permits) and getting some color around this homestead.  April showers bring May flowers!

Keep moving,


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2 Responses to Go Red BetterU Online Program and Active “R” Us

  1. sandy krug says:

    Carole, you always inspire me to keep going! For some reason I have lost about 50 pounds this month….but the same stupid FIVE pounds over and over again! I can’t seem to keep focused while juggling all the other crazy busy stuff life hurls at us. It is good to knwo we have FOUR more weeks left, so with true concentration and re-commitment, I hope to get into another size smaller pant by then Keep up the good work and see you soon!

  2. Sandy, thanks for your comments! I hear you loud and clear ~ I’ve done that as well with the same pounds, and expect I will again, but am trying to stay on course ~~ and when I veer away, get back on the right road. As Jackie has shared with us, it’s not all or nothing ~ we need to keep the balance. The key is to just get back on track, and not beat yourself up over it. I know, sometimes easier said than done. Trust me, I’ve been there. I think we’ll see you in a smaller size before the “official” program ends! Stay strong ~ I know you can do it! Carole

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