Find your inner Rocky!

Just call me Momma-hamed Ali! After a week and a half of kick boxing and strength training at TM Martial Arts Studio I have learned many things. First and foremost, this ain’t your regular girly girl program. Their cardio kickboxing classes are not women in spandex hopping around punching the air, smiling with pony tails bouncing as they listen to Britney Spears overhead. Flashback to the 70’s and picture a toned Sylvester Stallone in grey sweats working with the basics that God gave him. Our hands and wrists are wrapped and gloves are donned and we are taught the proper form on throwing punches, jabs, uppercuts and roundhouses. Our targets are unsuspecting stationary bags that are like a Timex watch, they take a licking and keep on ticking. Secondly, every single instructor talks the talk and walks the walk. There is a genuine passion for helping others achieve their optimal fitness potential and they set an example in healthy eating that their students strive to emulate. Our group of 7 women have been tagged the Minooka Mavericks and have formed a cohesive unit in this short time. We are all striving for the same goal; to be healthy. On our one off day, the studio created a ‘run club’. Not a runner myself, I panicked when I heard this however as our wonderful instructor explained the ‘club’ it made me see that this was not only for me but for my family also. The ‘run club’ is all about getting out on a Sunday morning, putting in a few miles walking, jogging or running and being able to be with your family and friends. The main sentence I heard from the instructor when she was describing was this: Run Club is a great way to spend some family time making memories that your kids will look back on saying , Hey my mom was still exercising with me when I was in my teens. Again…..setting the example to ensure their health in years to come. HUGE for me!

When I signed up for this class I was looking for something new and a challenge for myself. What I am finding is quick results, camaraderie and strength I never in a million years thought I had. For the first time in a while I can actually say I am proud of myself.

Challenge of the week: Get the family together for at least 30 minutes doing something that gets their hearts pumping! My work family is getting treated too. I am throwing a big Egg-citing Exercise Hunt for them next week. I am hiding over 200 plastic eggs filled with healthy treats and prizes throughout a walking trail that is on our campus. The more they walk the more prizes they will get! I will post pictures next week! Until then, keep the faith!


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2 Responses to Find your inner Rocky!

  1. Fantastic, Karen! Love your humor, and you paint a vivid picture with your words ~ I can just see you, all “Rocky like”! Wish I lived closer ~ I’d love to join the group. I’ll have to look for opportunities in my area, in addition to boxing with my trainer ~ as I shared previously, I also loved donning the gloves and punching away!

    I’ll take up your challenge and get my family together this weekend.

    How fun that you are doing the Egg Hunt for your co-workers ~ will look forward to seeing the pics!

    Carole Schwager

  2. Alison says:

    Wonderful blog, Karen! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at 7am sharp! Hope y’all had fun with Master Harrison this morning!

    Love your “egg-celent” idea for your egg hunt! You can give me more details tomorrow!


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