Inspiration 2.0 by Barb P

Yup, it happened again! In my last blog I made mention how people were telling me that I was inspiring them to be healthy, when I thought that they were inspiring me to be healthy. Well I mentioned this in our last BetterU group meeting, and I am hoping that everyone was paying attention-not just to what I was saying, but to what we ALL were saying. I took bits and pieces of inspiration from all of my strong BetterU friends!

I picked up a (recent) issue of Shape Magazine, and just like you read it cover to cover-guess what-I learned a few things!!! Did you know that running or walking on a treadmill at zero incline is actually more like downhill? To get a more realistic flat surface you should raise the incline to 1.0. I will get a better burn now! I am so excited!!!

Here’s another-people who read food labels at grocery stores are more likely to lose weight! Score!! I guess if you are paying attention to what is going into you body, you are more likely to choose the right foods. What a great tip!!

Keep inspiring, and keep being inspired-
until next time-

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One Response to Inspiration 2.0 by Barb P

  1. You do inspire me, as well! Keep up your great work.
    Carole Schwager

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