Karen is punching her way healthy!

Mention to a few people that you would love to try different exercise classes and my fitness regimen was kicked into high gear. Since I have gotten everyone close to me on the fitness bandwagon, I am never at a loss for companionship for all my exercise adventures. After working out for 90 minutes with my brother and daughter, I was driving home when a neighbor called and asked me to go for a walk. Sure, sounds like a great cool down before dinner! As I crossed the threshold of my front door, my phone again rang and another neighbor said she saw on Facebook that I wanted to give Zumba a whirl. Well, class was starting in 25 minutes and did I want to join her. Absolutely I foolishly said!

As the music started, the realization soon set in that my coordination for dance had dissipated over the years. I smiled and shook as the rhythmic beat of the music pulsed in my ears. The instructor kept checking me out in the mirror. She didn’t have a joyous look on her face but more of one of a mother wondering if she should step in and help one of her kids that accidentally opened up a box of razors by mistake. Oh, gosh! The music stopped and it was a break time. She started coming toward me. She probably thinks I am having a seizure back here and wants to make sure I am OK. As she approached, I blurted out, ‘No need to call 911, I am not having a seizure, this is just the way I dance!’ She chuckled and just said she wanted to introduce herself because she knew I was a guest. What a great workout and HOW FUN!! I loved the music but with my coordination, it was clear to see God did not what me to be the next hot Latina dancer! Never again will I poke fun of the Chiquita banana lady! Those dances are difficult!

I expressed interest in kickboxing when my daughter came home from a field trip she had taken to TM Martial Arts studio a few weeks ago. She said that was the coolest class she had ever done and she had sweat her buns off. After working out now consecutively for 3 months, I think those wonderful endorphins that pop up when you exercise have taken over my brain as I checked the website and talked to my brother about it. The next thing I know I was signed up for 10 weeks of Ultimate Fitness and Kickboxing!!! Six days a week for 10 weeks! Monday was my first kickboxing class. What a rush! I found my calling! After learning how to wrap my hands and donning gloves, I of course had to do the Rocky flashback for the other ladies in the class. YO ADRIENE! Fortunately for me the trainer was NOT Burgess Meredith but more of a male version of Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser! I punched, jabbed and kicked for an hour and was encouraged as we learned the techniques. My shirt was soaked, my heart was pumping and I was glowing in confidence. I had let out all my stress and aggression on the bag and felt such a calming peace as I drove home. Who would have thought kicking the crap out of a stuffed bag would help me solve all the world problems? Tuesday, day two, or hell day as I now know it, was strength training day. Out came the lovely resistance bands and I was having not so fond memories of getting whacked in the face with these same bands last week. How hard could these little bands be? Well, we worked our upper body last night and as I struggled to get out of bed this morning, I felt like a Weeble! You know, we wobble but we don’t fall down! I have decided to rename those bands the torture chamber. I love the class so far and have met some more ladies that are in pursuit of health and grabbing that gold ring of fitness.

My challenge to you this week is to put yourself out there and try something you have always dreamed of doing. YOU MIGHT JUST SURPRISE YOURSELF! I know I did!

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4 Responses to Karen is punching her way healthy!

  1. Carol says:

    As usual Karen you inspire me! I am glad you liked the zumba class with me! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work girl!! ❤

  2. Maggie says:

    I took a Kickboxing class once a few years back. I looooved being able to punch something. And my arms looked awesome.

  3. Karen,
    I miss you, but it sounds like you are doing ok!!

  4. Karen,
    I did some boxing with my trainer, and loved it, also. Keep punching!
    Carole Schwager

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