We are now into week 6 of the Better U program, almost halfway through. Do I feel better? Absolutely! Do I look better? Absolutely! Have I made life style changes? Absolutely! Is it a challenge? Absolutely! Is it difficult to put exercise into your life? Absolutely! Does life throw you curve balls? Absolutely! Is it hard to make yourself the priority on your to do list? Absolutely! Can I keep going? Absolutely!

We talk a lot about hardwiring things in the business world to make people think differently. But it can be used in the journey to a healthy lifestyle. I realized I am hardwiring my brain to think differently about food. I had a bad day at work yesterday. By the end of the day I was cranky, had a headache, and wanted to crawl into my shell and make the world go away! Here is what I realized!!

  1. I didn’t reach for food to solve my problem. WOW!!
  2. I talked to a couple of friends about my “BAD” day. WOW!
  3. I talked to my daughter and she brought my grand puppy to work for me to see. WOW!
  4. I went to a water aerobics class and exercised! WOW!

WOW is right! How did I do that? I am thinking differently about the power I have to problem solve things in healthier way. I could have reached for food, but that would have made me feel better for the moment! Then I would have beaten myself up for eating! I could have remained cranky and kept to myself, but others were there for me to vent to. I call them Angels! I could have gone home and curled up in bed, but I used the water and exercise to help me relax after my stressful day! I have never been busier, happier, or healthier! I think it is starting to sink in! Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!  WOOF! WOOF!

 Jackie 🙂

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One Response to Hardwiring

  1. You go, Jackie! I just purchased the book you referenced in an earlier blog, God’s Guest List. My Tawnie would love to meet your grand-puppy! I’m proud of all you’re accomplishing ~ keep up your great work.
    Carole Schwager

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