Sandy Krug update

I have to admit…when all else fails, follow the directions!  Somehow I had scribbled down what I thought was the link to this page, and I could never quite get in to this page to BLOG!  Now I found my INSTRUCTION page so I don’t have to just comment on the posts that get emailed from my team members! Whew!  I wish I had several weeks worth of inspirational updates to actually post to all of you, but I have to say I hit a wall several weeks back and just could not DO THE RIGHT THING!  I was giving myself a break, if you will, and now I am totally mad at myself for being so sabatoging!  Why work so hard and then just blow it on dumb stuff?  I guess what I am trying to do is really make lasting lifestyle changes that really become part of me without thinking.  I have mentioned my one GOOD habit is going to Jazzercise every day….I do not even think about it….unless I have to travel or go someplace early, I go to jazzercise without even debating if I feel like it or not.  My healthy eating needs the same ritualistic approach…..just know I don’t get to even buy the BAD STUFF, so then I can’t be tempted.  Another habit I wish I could develop is NEVER EATING PAST 8:00 pm…or even 7:00 pm!  The worse calories for me are consumed in that time period where I am in MUNCH mode, and it isn’t good!  I chase the salty cravings, then the sweet cravings, then back to salty…you see my demise! At any rate, I am re-committing to better planning on the food front, and increased exercise to fill some of that time I wrestle with FOOD BATTLE.  I think the rest of you are doing awesome, and your focus is inspiring.  Have fun tomorrow at PMMC and I will see you next time!  Sandy

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One Response to Sandy Krug update

  1. Sandy,
    I know exactly what you’re talking about ~ I have that evening munchy food battle as well ~ sweet, salty, back to sweet. Perhaps we need to be each other’s “sponsor” and call when that urge hits, to help the other keep on the right path. Looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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