Knee Osteoarthritis!

My left knee had been bothersome “on and off” for quite some time, but usually only when going up/down stairs.  I had put off going to the doc, although the possibility of arthritis had been looming in the back of my mind.  Well, after starting my new exercise routine/work with a personal trainer, I discovered many additional activities were painful, when putting pressure on my left knee ~ OUCH!  So, off to the orthopedist I went, to discover that I have osteoarthritis in both knees.

My left knee has less joint cartilage, but the right is not far behind.  In the past, I would’ve used this as an excuse why I couldn’t exercise.  Not now!  With my BetterU initiative, I know I need to keep moving, and will stick with lower impact exercises that don’t put too much additional pressure on these old knees of mine.  There are still plenty of activities that I can do, to continue working this body!

These creaky knees are heading out for a walk ~ time to roll . . .


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2 Responses to Knee Osteoarthritis!

  1. Jackie says:

    Carole try water aerobics! I love it! The water is so forgiving on this old bones body!

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