Exercise 101+

Thanks to Robin and Barb, for spending time with us Thursday evening at Provena St. Joseph, discussing the topic of exercise. They provided us with comprehensive details to help us on our paths to healthier living. Thanks as well, to Dr. Silbert for attending and providing her input.

You name it, they covered it:
~ the benefits of aerobic, anaerobic, and stretching exercises
~ components of an exercise session; never skip the warmup and cool down phases
~ resting heart rate and target heart rate
~ exercise guidelines, types of exercise, and how much is enough
~ tips for purchasing equipment
~ the significance of exercise as it relates to weight loss
~ stretches for “before and after” walking
~ weight training principles
~ strength training exercises
~ 40 ways that exercise enhances our lives
~ utilizing the RPE, rate of perceived exertion scale, to estimate benefits of exercise
~ exercise myths
~ adherence motivational tips

It is so important to “think more like an active person” and build exercise into everything we do:
~ take the stairs
~ park at the far end of the lot

AND plan exercise into the day to insure that it is done. I’ve found that my plan to go to the fitness center after work can easily get derailed and sidetracked ~ life interferes! I’m more successful in my exercise goals when I do early in the morning before work. You have to do what fits in with your lifestyle so that exercise becomes part of your day.

Robin reminded us to not get too wrapped up in weighing ourselves, but to go by the feel of our clothing. YES!! It’s a great feeling when you have more room and clothes are not as tight as before ~~ just the other day, I had to grab a belt for cinching. Hopefully, I’ll be pulling out some smaller sizes from the closet in the near future. (Do you have a few different sizes lurking in your closet, as I do?!)

Thanks again, Robin, Barb, and Dr. Silbert for your information and support!


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  1. Awesome Job Lady! Sorry I missed this!

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