Busy lives ~ terminology learned/lived ~ dog tales

Well . . . sometimes life gets in the way . . . but, I’m determined to get back on track, and make sure that I have “ME TIME” at the fitness center. I hadn’t worked with my personal trainer in 10 days. You might recall from a previous post, that I was sidelined with strep throat. Upon recovery, trainer Dave and I met a couple times. I also participated in some classes ~ Pilates and Zumba. Last week, my trio of 16 year old children started to tumble like dominos in a row. My daughter tested positive for strep; a few days later, one of my sons did, too. The other son came home from school on Thursday and slept on the sofa for several hours and also went to bed at a “reasonable” time (teenagers!) that evening, so I knew something was amiss ~ so far, he has avoided strep, as has the husband, who’s been out and about on business travels. In between trips for strep tests, there were dental appointments to cancel/reschedule (due to strep) ~ my aunt passed away and I journeyed to Central Illinois for her services ~ Tawnie (our pup) had to be driven to her “spa day” ~ basketball practice carpool ~ oh, yes, and work ~ etc., etc., you know the drill ~ we all have busy lives.

The trainer and I met again on Sunday, and I have another appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning, so I’m back on track!

Terminology I’ve learned (and lived) recently:

MEDICINE BALL ~ one would think it would be like the “Founder’s Day Ball” or a post Oscar bash for those in the medical field ~ the wonderful Provena employees ~ dress up in the formal wear and party! Those medicine balls pack some poundage.

KETTLEBELLS ~ I’m very familiar with kettle corn ~ kettlebells are heavy like medicine balls, but have handles.

ZUMBA ~ Seriously now, I had NEVER even heard that word until January of this year. Zumba is fun, dancing exercise with great songs. The instructor was even wearing a bright red t-shirt proclaiming the American Heart Association’s Go Red Por Tu Corazon movement. And, move we did! I loved the low key attitude of this leader ~ if she said “go left” and we went “right” or “go forward” and we went “back” ~ no problem ~ she said, there’s no wrong way to Zumba ~ just have fun and move ~ I loved that.

In my last blog, I promised to share things I’ve learned from Tawnie Tia Coco Schwager. She left the Bark-a-Lounge the other day looking good. My son said, “Mom, don’t you wish you looked 10 years younger after getting a haircut?!” Well, that’s the point of a spa day, isn’t it!? She does look like a young pup after grooming! I picture the Tawnster relaxing with a bowl of (nonalcoholic) poocharitas or pawtinis ~ mustn’t overindulge!

Yes, I think a spa day shall be a part of my future, as a reward for reaching my goals!

In addition to rest and relaxation being important, Tawn knows that proper stretching is, too. She often does “catdog” stretches, forward, back, and arch that spine. The Tawn knows that she must stay properly hydrated ~ that girl can drink some water! Whenever Tawnie is called in from the backyard, she usually does one last perimeter lap inside the fence ~ extra exercise. Of course, she knows there’s a small treat waiting on the other side of the door. Yes, it’s okay to treat ourselves ~ moderation. Right now, as I type this, the T dog has come to badger me for a snack. Eating throughout the day is important. Green beans are one of her favorite snacks ~ colorful and healthy. I am serious ~ Tawnie loves them, straight from the freezer ~ they fill up that girl and help keep her trim. Sound familiar? We’ve heard that frozen veges work as well as fresh. But, temptation is always there ~ whenever someone is in the kitchen, the Tawnster Monster is nearby ~ you never know when something tasty might hit the floor accidentally ~ canine vacuum cleaner! She loves to see the teens preparing school lunches, especially items being poured into bags because there might be a miss. Tawn cuddles on top of our comforter at night, and she makes a great heating pad for lower leg muscles that are sore from exercise!

Tawnie has learned from me, that every time I put on my gym shoes, we’re not always going for a walk. I’m off to the fitness center, but we’ll stroll together later. She sees me putting on those shoes MUCH MORE OFTEN NOW, than in the past!

Until next time,

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One Response to Busy lives ~ terminology learned/lived ~ dog tales

  1. Marianne Renner says:

    Hi Carole. Keep up the good work and don’t get discouraged. Remember, the habits you are establishing now are going to be a lifestyle. If you can focus on the big picture it may help put recent events in perspective. “Sidelines” are part of everyday life. And if you look at how many days you will have for the rest of your life, 10 days is nothing. We’re all proud of you and all the Better U participants!

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