I think I forgot me!?

This past week was rough for me…I was only able to get into the gym once.  Don’t get me wrong…I am active-I play volleyball every Monday night, I have a second job where I get to play with kids for four to eight hours a week and there is tons of bending and moving (almost like a workout there!) and I do yoga at home, but it doesn’t compare to rush of heading to the gym.  I know I was busy last week, did I forget to schedule the time?  Did I forget me?

We are all busy, we all have tons of errands to run and things to do, but if we don’t take care of ourselves-WHO IS GOING TO????

I have set my goals for the 12 weeks, they are not ambitious, they are SMART

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Based–JUST DO IT

until next time-BE SMART 🙂 Barb

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2 Responses to I think I forgot me!?

  1. Mayra says:

    You know what? We do have to think of ourselves. Since working on my new SMART goals I have had success this week. Keep it up. Mayra

  2. Mayra says:

    Keep it up, it’s a journey.

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