Change is good!

In my journey I have noticed that set plans do not always work, some change is good. Change in exercise plan, change in food, and change in my way of thinking. During this past week, I was able to talk to Craig Harling, Behavior Health Specialist at Provena St. Joes in Elgin. It was an eye opener for me and after speaking to him, I found myself changing my goals, not drastically but making my goals more specific. One of my long term goals is to train for a 5k. So I was following a 5k training program but I was so focused on reaching those miles in the program that I didn’t think about strength training. I noticed my body toning up a little, but my scale numbers were not changing. To be honest, I was getting frustrated and I wanted to give up, but as Craig talked to me and helped me start my SMART goals, it became more clear to me what I needed to do. Then, a few days ago Yahoo had an article titled ” 4 Things Women Should Be Doing in Their Fitness Training-but Aren’t.” The article discussed certain steps that women in exercise tend to skip and shouldn’t. I was like “wow,”

So I am still training for my 5k at the end of March but modified my exercise routine to get cardio plus interval training in it. My SMART goal ended up being to exercise at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes. If I start my week and and come to day where time has run out on my day and cant exercise, then I don’t have to feel has if I failed. That was something I had to learn, it’s ok to miss a day of exercise, that doesn’t mean I failed. This is what my work outs look like now; Jillian Michaels DVD (20 minutes interval training) and then running 3 miles. I feel different, I don’t feel pressured to complete all the miles I had scheduled to run. I’m excited to meet the exercise specialist next week because I want to make sure that what I’m doing is good.

Mayra Johnson

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2 Responses to Change is good!

  1. Good for you, Mayra. I know you’ll succeed with your SMART goals. See you next week ~ I’m also excited to hear the exercise presentation. Carole

  2. Mayra, I hear ya! MY blog this week was very similar…Be SMART! 🙂 See you Thursday! Barb

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