I Have a Question for YOU!

“Don’t you feel better about yourself because you are finally in control?” was a question a co-worker asked me this past week. I let this comment race around my head for several days. I took it to the gym with me. It went into meetings with me. Heck, it even came to bed with me! Had my co-worker simplified my food issues with that one statement? Is healthy living really just being able to empower yourself to be in charge of your own life’s destiny? I had the answer I was looking for and then I asked myself this question. Since I was not in control of my destiny over the past 40 years, who the hell was? When I asked this question, the flood gates of my mind opened and I was smack dab in the middle of ‘Karen Condon – This is Your Life!’ Let me tell you, it was painful looking back. Not so much for the memories, but for some of the clothing I wore! What the heck was I thinking! :o) Flashes of my previous coaches working me like a dog and once we were finished, the team headed to Taco Bell. Lifeguarding in the summer with a healthy toned body but what was in my hands, Doritos. Then there were the crazy parties in college. I had pictures of me with a beer in one hand and potato chips and dip in the other. Where was the turning point where I couldn’t maintain exercising like an animal to offset the enormous amount of calories I was taking in? Oh, there it was…….MOTHERHOOD. I had become so focused on taking care of someone else that I forgot to take care of myself. As I continued the flashbacks, I saw how meticulous I was about making sure my kids ate healthy. My kids didn’t have a hot dog until they were almost 3 years old! That was a small miracle in itself.

As the kids grew older and the pressures of wearing too many hats (you know, wife, mother, chauffer, coach, lunch mom, room mom, therapist, costume maker etc.) grew, so did my waistline. Our family dinners went from the kitchen table to the inside of the car as we raced from sporting event to school event. As ‘This is Your Life” ended, I was coming away a loser. But wait, what was coming on next. A new show called ‘Karen Condon – Making a Difference’. I decided to watch it. The host was cute and what a great sense of humor she had! (Insert chuckle here!) This show started 10 weeks ago and reviewed all of the positive things that were implemented into my life. Gone were the processed foods and fat pants and in their places were fruits and vegetables along with some adorable work out clothes. Also missing were almost 50 pounds from Karen and her daughter. I really liked this new series! It reminded me that just because you may have had some bad prior chapters in your book of life, YOU still are in charge of creating the upcoming chapters and only YOU have control of the ending. Well, what are you still doing here reading? YOU, my dear, have a book to write!!

Blessings for a great heart healthy week!


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One Response to I Have a Question for YOU!

  1. Awesome Karen-You are an inspiration to all! 🙂

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