On a Mission

Last week was a great week! We participated in a radio talk show about Women and Heart Disease with Dr. Silbert and the American Heart Association.  A photographer from a local paper came and took some pictures of me working out with my personal trainer for an article.  And to end a fabulous week I had a delicious, healthy dinner with a Mia Handell, Registered Dietician from Provena Mercy Hospital and the other fabulous Better U participants. Wow what great motivation!!!

 Then I started to think what happens when our 12 weeks come to an end. What will I do for support and motivation? What will keep me going on this journey? Will I relapse? Will I continue to eat healthy? Will I keep exercising, taking vitamins, drinking water, make good choices?

And just when I start doubting myself I get at text message from a very special woman. She said I inspired her to start exercising! Me! I inspired someone! Another beautiful women in my life posted a message on Facebook telling me how proud she was of me and to keep up the good work on my journey.  And if that wasn’t enough I get another text from a co-worker asking me about some food choices. Again, some is asking me about healthy food choices! What is going on? My two friends from childhood are going to today to get their CT Heart Scans so they can learn their risks and become heart healthy!  I have never felt so privileged in my life that all these special women are coming to me for guidance and knowledge! I would have never have thought I would be a position to really help others, when I didn’t think I could help myself. Now I know you can make changes!  I can help other women and show them that we have the power to prevent the #1 killer of women!

Do I have the motivation to continue this journey beyond 12 weeks? You better believe I do it! I have mission and there is no stopping me now!


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One Response to On a Mission

  1. sandy krug says:

    I continue to be inspired by my ‘team’ and think the best thing happening is the dedication to actual lifestyle changes being made. I have dieted many times in the past only to wait for the end date, and then revert back to the habits that put the weight right back on. I really think I am turning a corner this time around and plan to never quit ‘weighing in’ and to take immediate action when the first added pound goes on. The new tastes in healthy food choices has also been a bonus….I don’t even like some of the old standbys any more! I can also enjoy movies without the HUGE box of buttered popcorn and feel so much better leaving the theater with just water in me!

    I have been trying to increase the amount of sleep I get because that is a key factor in longevity and anti-aging. I had the habit of watching TV in bed, falling asleep, waking and watching more, ’til the wee hours too many times! I now am turning off the TV and resting even if it takes awhile to fall asleep…and am surprised it often doesn’t take that long! I am averaging at least a full hour longer in sleep this past month and feel better during the day too!

    I look forward to seeing everyone next week….keep up the great work!

    Sandy Krug

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