Dinner with the Dietitian

My name is Mia Handell and I am a Registered Dietitian at Provena Mercy Medical Center. I had the privilege of having dinner with the ladies from the BetterU program on Thursday February 24th for the “Dinner with the Dietitian” event.  The menu included some great heart healthy options including a spinach salad with walnuts, strawberries, and fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.  The main course was a delicious whole wheat penne pasta with roasted vegetables, grilled chicken and olive oil, and the meal concluded with a light and healthy raspberry Bavarian (sugar free Jell-O, light whipped cream, fresh raspberries) for dessert.  The participants and I enjoyed great conversation about nutrition, exercise, goals, etc. The participants received educational materials during the dinner as well. I left the ladies with a handout explaining the heart healthy benefits of the foods that were provided in the dinner menu that evening. With the meal providing vitamin, mineral, and fiber rich vegetables and pasta, lean meat and heart healthy fats, the tasty dinner was not to leave anyone feeling guilty! It was a pleasure getting to talk with these women and hear about their struggles and triumphs in their heart healthy journey through this program. Keep up the great work ladies!

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