Aha Moment ~ Carole

I’m sure you’ve heard of “aha” moments ~ a defining moment of clarity, where you gain real wisdom that you can use to change your life. Well, an aha moment occurred to me as I driving home, after our Go Red BetterU “Dinner with the Dietitian”. My aha is quite literal indeed ~ it’s the AHA (American Heart Association) and Provena.

Thank you, Mia, (Provena Mercy Medical Center’s registered dietitian), for your time dining with us, and thanks to the Provena staff, for the delicious food. We had a healthy meal with lively conversation. Eating wholesome food is so satisfying! It was great being together with our fellow (or should I say “gal pal”) BetterU participants. We learn so much from each other! Mia educated and provided wonderful tips to help us on our journeys. This morning, I tried her suggestion to stir peanut better into oatmeal ~ it was mega creamy and delicious! What a fab idea ~ adding protein directly to oatmeal ~ now, it will tide me over until snack time. Another Mia tip ~ use peanut butter (and other foods) with no more than 3 ingredients ~ less ingredients = more natural.

It was a nice evening ~ and BONUS ~ we awoke the next morning to see the predicted snow, did not happen. Although, shoveling would’ve been great exercise, as long as the mouth/nose were kept covered, to avoid breathing in cold air (learned from the cardiologist) at a previous Provena presentation!

I can’t say it enough ~ thank you AHA (American Heart Association) and Provena for these aha moments!

Until next time . . .

P.S. A portion of my next blog will be devoted to life lessons learned from our adorable pup, Tawnie Tia Coco Schwager ~ yes, rest is important:

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