Week 3, oh week 3!

Finishing up week three has been very difficult. With added work stress, it hasn’t been a good week for me. Not only a stressful week but the change in weather has made my arthritis flare up. One of my stressors that I have experienced this week is bringing work home. When I do this I eventually don’t have time to work out because then I am exhausted.
Also, with the change in weather this past weekend, I haven’t been able to run as hard as I have been running. My right knee started buckling up and it made it more difficult to run, but I didn’t give up! Instead of running my last mile of three, I walked it. I was bummed that my knee started acting up, but proud of myself for not giving up.
Now that I am starting week 4, my goals will change a bit. First, I will NOT bring work home. If I don’t get it done Monday, I always have Tuesday. I will continue running but if I feel my knee bothering me again I will walk or do something different. I did go swimming on Saturday and that did feel good for my joints.
Week 4, bring it on!

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One Response to Week 3, oh week 3!

  1. Heather says:

    Hi there — can you gals please identify your self in your blog posts….I am not sure who wrote this? Who is the runner? Sorry the weather change affected but I am a little relieved too — my MS has been bad this week and I was thinking it was the weather….

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