Put on the Boxing Gloves ~ Carole

Last week, I was sidelined with strep throat ~ a peril of teaching kindergartners in close proximity, during the winter!  And, yes, there was Valentine’s Day ~ a few chocolates did pass by these lips.

Okay, off the sideline and back on the court ~ literally.  On Sunday, I met with Dave, my personal trainer, at the fitness center.  A class was in session in the studio, but the basketball court was open.  After warm-ups, Dave had me pulling him across the court as he stood on a couple of towels!  We did a few other exercises ~ then he asked if I’d like to try boxing . . . a jab, then a hook, how about an uppercut?  Now it’s time to add in the footwork . . . a roundhouse kick, a straight kick ~ I am enjoying this!  I need to get a set of  boxing gloves and hand pads to use at home!  This is FUN!

After boxing, we worked on the machines for strength training.  I’m getting a bit worn out, but let’s keep going ~ Dave says he doesn’t have a client after me, so we’ll continue on ~ “Really, are you serious?” ~ oh, I mean, “Yeah, let’s work that body some more!”  I was wearing a heart exercise monitor so we could measure the levels I was at, and Dave was excited to see the progress being made (me, too)!  Although, eventually, I start looking around for a clock ~ how much longer can this continue?!?!  My trainer was very generous with his time, and I appreciate it.  All in all, deducting warm-ups/cool-downs/chat time, my measurable workout was 1 hour, 3 minutes.  According to Dave, I reached all 3 levels we were aiming for, and spent or exceeded the required time at each. I burned 527 calories, according to the monitor.  Well, that will make me think twice before a few Godiva bonbons approach my mouth again!

Today, after school, I’m meeting Dave for another session.  Let me at those boxing gloves!

To be continued . . .


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