Still working on healthier me and not quitting…

I been walking everyday @ work for 1/2 hour and then at night do 20 minute Zumba dvd. I’m hoping very soon I can graduate from the 20 minute dvd to the longer one. So far I’m exhausted after the 20 minutes but I think in no time I’ll be doing the longer version.
I also started measuring stuff to see what I should be eating versus what I was eating before. Its a huge difference. I’m hoping these little changes will help me reach my goal.
Well I’m off to do my Zumba workout. Wish me luck.

Claudia Alvarez

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3 Responses to Still working on healthier me and not quitting…

  1. Good luck!! What is Zumba?

    • Its an exercise program based on latin dance moves. when i first did the dvd i couldn’t keep up and felt like a nut because by the time i would move to the left they were already moving to the right. i’m finally able to keep up w/ them and its a very good workout. you don’t feel like you are actually working out and you work your whole body. by the time i am done w/ the 20 minute dvd i am sweating and my face is super red. last night after i posted i did two 20 minute dvds and it felt so good to be able to finish them both. i was so exhausted though that my son walked by and said i better not pass out. so now that i know i can complete 40 minutes i will try one of the longer zumba dvd’s in addition to my 30 minutes of walking @ work.
      i recommend Zumba to anyone who likes to dance and wants a fun way to burn calories.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Keep it up your doing a good job!

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