Karen’s Top 10 List…..So Far!

  Here are the Top 10 Things I have Learned since starting the Better U Challenge:

10. My romaine lettuce doesn’t need to be doing the backstroke in ranch dressing to taste good. With salad dressing, less is more.

9. My fruit/vegetable servings are no longer apple pie, carrot cake, banana splits or peach cobbler. Fruits are pretty amazing little snacks that God has already done the prepackaging for us.

8. My exercise routine went from jumping to conclusions and running on empty to holding my own on the elliptical.

7. I have an amazing support system in my network of friends and family members.

6. I increased my water intake and now know there are EXACTLY 34 steps from my office to the bathroom! Contrary to what my mother said; If you hold it long enough, your molars do NOT float!

5. Others can hear you if you are singing at the gym while wearing your I-Pod. My kids were mortified when I did a Michael Jackson squeal in the middle of my workout. (Don’t worry. They are young and will bounce
back from the trauma.)

4. There are several other things to do with your friends besides going out to eat with them.

3. Aldi’s carries a lot of the healthy and organic food that I have come to love and it is at a big discount compared to other grocery stores.

2. With a change in my eating habits, I have definitely noticed a much better sleeping pattern.

And the #1 thing I have learned; I am adding more years on to my life…………..PRICELESS!

Cheers to a great week!


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One Response to Karen’s Top 10 List…..So Far!

  1. FANTASTIC blog, Karen ~ you go girl! Looking forward to seeing you and the other Go Red BetterU ladies on Thursday evening, so we can learn more! Carole

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