Going for Red

I started off 100% with my heart all in it and ready to go. I started going through my cupboards and fridge purging anything that was not so healthy. I then went to the grocery store and bought veggies and fruit. I understand why America is fat. The cost to eat healthy is so much more expensive than it is to eat quick fatty meals. I was psyched ready to go and prepared.

It was a difficult time at work this week so I was not able to spread the word as far as I wanted to for Go Red Day. I decorated my desk so others who walked by could see that February is Heart Health month. Friday, February 4th came and I wore my RED proudly. Some of my co-workers followed in my footsteps.

Like I said in the beginning I started my journey with my heart all in it. Then I ran into a wall. I am trying to exercise more by incorporating morning exercise. Still having difficulties waking in the morning at 5a. So one day I decide that I will sleep in and make it up in the evening session. Apparently I pushed myself too far. I injured myself and the doc tells me to rest for a week. So frustrated that I turn to my weakness to overcome it; food. Not just the fruits and veggies but the fast food and sweets too. I can tell on the scale that I ate my emotions. So now I’m even more frustrated about that.

Good news is that this is a new day and week. With some rest my injury has improved and I can slowly get back into a routine. I may have fallen off the wagon but I am back on holding onto the reigns tightly.

Jenn 😉

~ If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all. ~ Dan Rather

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2 Responses to Going for Red

  1. sandy krug says:

    The morning weigh in is back on track….and going the right way. What I am noticing is how important it is to have tasty, satisfying little meals each day instead of FEAST OR FAMINE. The yo-yo weight gain is never worth the ‘cheat food’ from going astray! It takes planning as well as intention to make the commitment sustainable.

    I am in Minnesota this weekend for a bridal shower on my daughter and I plan to just take bites of the menu instead of full servings….then won’t be regretting anything.
    Today I did a yoga class as well as my Jazzercise and the stretching felt really good. I plan to get some walking in tonight at the health club too.

    It is inspirational to hear from all of you….keep up the great work! Sandy

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